The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. Marton, Middlesbrough, UK

Temporary Exhibition Programme

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Exhibition Planning 2008-20

Museum staff are currently working on the following proposed ten year cycle of exhibition themes based upon significant anniversaries in the life and times of Cook:

  • 2008 Cook’s birth (1728); Canada, Siege of Louisbourg; First Voyage starts, Rio de Janiero, Tiera del Fuego: Third Voyage (1776-80), Hawaii, Nootka, Canada, Alaska, Bering Straits, Arctic.
  • 2009 Canada, Siege of Quebec; First Voyage, Tahiti, New Zealand/Third Voyage, Hawaii, Death of Cook, Arctic, Russia, East Asia.
  • 2010 First Voyage, Australia, Batavia; Third Voyage after Cook & Kamchatska.
  • 2011 First Voyage, Batavia.
  • 2012 Newfoundland (1762-7): Cook’s marriage & home life: Second Voyage (1772-75), Antarctic.
  • 2013 Second Voyage (1772-75), New Zealand, Tahiti, Tonga
  • 2014 Second Voyage (1772-75), Easter Island, Marquesas, Society Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Tiera del Fuego.
  • 2015 Second Voyage (1772-75), South Georgia, S.Sandwich Isles.
  • 2016 Third Voyage (1776-80)



The Death of Captain Cook
The museum welcomes any expression of interest about these exhibitions from other venues and individuals. Please email
The museum seeks to provide a changing exhibition programme that reflects significant anniversaries in the life of Cook and his times and expands on its collections and gallery themes.

The temporary exhibition gallery comprises about 80 square metres of open display space used primarily for exhibitions hired or produced in-house.

The museum welcomes approaches by international, national, regional and local (Tees Valley) Cook enthusiasts, researchers, academics, collectors, artists, craft workers and specialist interest groups who want to display their collections, work or publicity materials on a Cook-related theme subject to suitability. To arrange an informal discussion of the options please write to the Senior Curator at the museum or email: