A Human Sacrifice At Otaheiti

Title: A Human Sacrifice At Otaheiti
Description: A Human Sacrifice At Otaheiti observed by Cook and his officers at the great Morai at Attahouroo [Utuaimahurau]on Tahiti, 1st September 1777.
Described in Journals III, 2, 978-84. A bound figure in the foreground, with men digging a hole for the body behind, and the whatta containing two dogs and three pigs sacrificed previously. On left, two drummers, and the chief priest with other priests around him. The ceremony was performed in the presence of Otoo [Tu], with Captain Cook, another officer [William Anderson], and Omai, all standing on the right
Pen, wash & water-colour
Date: 1 September 1777 (Oct 1777)
Author: Signed and dated “John Webber. Oct.1777”
Dimensions: 422 x 625
Collection: British Library
Reference no: Add.Ms 15513f.16
Record no.: 003452
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