An Inland View at Waimea, Atooi (Kauai)

Title: An Inland View at Waimea, Atooi (Kauai)
Description: An Inland View at Waimea, Atooi (Kauai), an Hawaiian village.
Cook’s crew trading with natives, including birds, plants, clothing, cloth, in return for casks, azes, etc. Some men are rolling barrels, others bartering with Hawaiians. At right, two natives carrying a pig strung to a pole. Behind them, native huts, and panoramic view of the interior.
Cook wrote: “We no sooner landed, that a trade was set on foot for hogs and potatoes, which the people gave us in exhchange for nails and pieces of iron formed into some thing like chisels….At sun set I brought every body on board, having got during the day Nine tons of water….about sixty or eighty Pigs, a few Fowls, a quantity of potatoes and a few plantains and Tara roots.” (Journals III, i. 269 & 272)
Pencil, ink and water-colour
Date: 19-23 January 1778
Author: John Webber
Dimensions: 432 x 978
Collection: British Library
Reference no: Add.Ms 15513f.29
Record no.: 19358


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