Ships’ Journals forwarded from Russia

Title: Ships’ Journals forwarded from Russia
Description: York Courant, p.2
Copies of the Journals of the two ships with which Captain Cook sailed, together with many Valuable Draughts, were left with the Russian Governor of Kamschatska, to be forwarded to England, and he has politely engaged to accompany them as far as Petersburgh.Capt. Clerke, who has succeeded the late celebrated Capt. Cook as Commander in Chief, was a Midshipman with him on his first Voyage around the World, then made by him a Lieutenant, and next a Master and a Commander He had been with Capt.Cook three voyages.
Date: Tuesday18 January 1780
Collection: British Library
Reference no: 612 03F91558R
Record no.: C2212-07
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