The Native of Otaheite at Court

Title: The Native of Otaheite at Court
Description: York Courant, p.2, col.1, “The Native of Otaheite, who was at Court the other Day, had received some Instructions for his Behaviour in addressing his Majesty, but so great was his Embarassment when his Majesty approached him, that he forgot every Thing but that of kneeling; and when his Conductors endeavoured to make him speak to the King, he could only stretch out his Hand, and get out the familiar Phrase of How do you do? Which, its seems, was the first English Phrase he learned, and has been the common Termof Salutation daily made Use of by him ever since to all Strangers. His Majesty freely shook him by the Hand. The innocent native Freedom of this Indian Visitor caused a good deal of Mirth and Pleasantry among the Noblemen, &c. attending eh Levee.- This spirited Adventurer is to contiunue with Mr. Banks during his Stay in England, which it is presumed will be for some Years, until he has acquired the English Language, and a thorough Knowledge of the Customs of this Country.
Date: Tuesday26 July 1774
Collection: British Library
Reference no: 03F91558R
Record no.: C2215-08
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