Habitations in Nootka Sound

Title: Habitations in Nootka Sound
Description: Habitations in Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island, Canada. This is probably the village of Yuquot which Cook described: “….their houses or dwellings are situated close to the shore…Some of these buildings are raised on the side of a bank, theses have a flooring consisting of logs supported by post fixed in the ground….before these houses they make a platform about four feet broad…..so allows of a passage along the front of the building: They assend to this passage (along the front of the building) by steps, not unlike some at our landing places in the River Thames.” (Journals III, i, 306)
Pen, wash and water-colour
Date: April 1778
Author: Signed and dated “J Webber del 1778”
Dimensions: 440 x 635
Collection: British Library
Reference no: Add.Ms.15514 f.7
Record no.: C3118-05
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