A woman of Prince William Sound

Title: A woman of Prince William Sound
Description: A woman of Prince William Sound described by Cook: “I saw not a woman with a head dress of any kind, they had all long black hair a part of which was tied up in a bunch over the forehead….though the lips of all were not slit, yet all were bored, especially the women and even the young girls; to these holes and slits they fix pieces of bone of this size and shpe, placed side by side in the inside of the lip; a thread is run through them to keep them together…This Ornament is a very great impediment to the Speech.” (Journals III, I, 350
Pencil, wash and water-colour
Date: May 1778
Author: John Webber
Dimensions: 492 x 311
Collection: British Library
Reference no: Add.Ms.15514 f.11
Record no.: C3118-07
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