Flute from the Society Islands

Title: Flute from the Society Islands
Description: Bamboo nose flute from the Society Islands (Tahiti), bound with plaited vegetable fibre. Fibre is arranged in coloured bands. Binding loose in part, bamboo cracked, and coloured bands faded.Probably collected on Cook’s First Voyage (1768-71). Similar items drawn by John Frederick Miller, British Library Add.Ms. 23921 f.54)
Possibly acquired by the Allan Museum from Daniel Boulter of Great Yarmouth, late 18th century.
Published in Jessop, L. & Starkey, J. (1998) No Contemptible Workmanship: Material culture of the Pacific region represented in the Hancock Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne. Newcastle upon Tyne: Tyne & Wear Museums.
Dimensions:440mm long, 35mm diameter.
Collection: The Hancock Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne
Reference no: NEWHM: C686
Record no.:HancockC686a
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