The Hippah

Title: The Hippah
Description: View of the Hippah, or fortified village, at the south-west point of Motuara in Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand. The view looks north, with Motuara in the background. The drawing may have resulted from Captain Cook's visit on 15 February 1777. The Maori habitations are within a stockade of stakes, seen on right. A small group of Maoris are by a pathway, and two others are seated further back. This settlement was described by Cook on his first voyage.
Pencil, ink & water-colour
Date: February 1777
Author: John Webber
Dimensions: 317 x 495
Collection: British Library
Reference no: Add.Ms 15513f.6
Record no.: C2221-03 or NHIL 021 0002500
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